When paths collide

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We all can imagine the impact an accident has when two moving forces collide, even if we have never experienced it.  We have all seen the crash-test dummy clips on TV showing us the safest car and seen numerous abandoned vehicles that are “totalled”.  But what happens when people intersect and crash into each others lives in such a way that separating them would be impossible?  That describing one without the other almost seems unheard of and difficult to fathom?  Yesterday, it was mentioned to me that such a collision had occurred in my life and although we do not share the same path, our paths run parallel to one another.  I see her path as she sees mine.  Have you even felt something so strong that took you by such surprise that you were almost in shock and it took you a few minutes to actually process what you were feeling and how you would react?  Have you ever seen something that you were never expecting and yet you KNEW it was right in front of you because you were seeing it with your own eyes?  When paths collide, awesome things happen.  I was sitting at a ball game last night and was sitting next to KT and KD called me.  Let’s just say that these two ladies have done some soul-searching, trying to figure out which path they should take next on their journey.  The “same old thing” brought them frustration and left them discouraged at the end of every day.  I believe my involvement may have been centered on just giving these women permission to look outside for more…to believe that different doesn’t mean bad.  They knew what they had in front of them currently and were not happy.  I have seen that look before.  At times, I have also felt it.  Is it mere coincidence that polite chit-chat turns into something that can literally change our lives?  Or is it meant to be?  Are “we ready to receive it now?” I have seen that “deer in the head light look” – when you freeze where you are as you stare in disbelief that something said or done could stun you into silence.  It doesn’t happen to me very often, but it has happened.  When those monumental times occur, we can almost always tell you exactly where we were and who was with us when it happened.  Those flashes of profound symbolism will always remain, even after the moment has long past.  You may think that you will be allowed to remain as you were prior to the clash, but that would be impossible.  You will never be the same again.  Your view and outlook has been altered and now you must continue on with this new knowledge and experience all that is before you.  Things and people have presented themselves to me and I have been open to the impact they were meant to cause when we were brought together.  Although, not always fully accepting of what was before me, eventually, I stopped denying and being the “deer in the headlight.”  Never did I ever believe that my path included you, as I never saw you coming, but EVER grateful our paths collided.

Michelle Homme 2012 ©

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