Fight for your life

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It is YOURS, isn’t it???  No one else owns it.  No one else should and yet we let it just happen.  We just give it away.  We believe that it is something that kind of happens, on its own, with no responsibility of our own.  We stay the course and just get through.  But what if you had to fight for it?  Would you do it?  Would it be easier to just do nothing?  Of course it is!!  What do you want?  Yesterday, I kept thinking about one thing — that it is ok to ask for what you want and then give your permission to take it.  I know it is hard and you may feel guilty about doing so, but you have to do this. You know it and I know it.  There are so many people who don’t get a chance to decide if they fight for their life or not.  Circumstances and illness come their way and we feel like we do not have a choice.  But we all have choices.  Fight for what you want because you have one life.  “The brave may not live forever but the cautious never really live at all.”  My husband has noticed that I am more open to new adventures and want to have fun and love my life.  I want to make the most of it, never knowing if I will be blessed with more days.  Last night, I was surprised by a wonderful card I received in the mail from a very dear friend, LL.  A few months ago, fighting for her life was really what she was doing.  Seriously.  She almost died and I would’ve missed her greatly.  She does not wear her emotions on her sleeve ever, so to read the words she wrote hit me where I now live…in my heart.  This is YOUR life!!!  What do you want from it?  Give yourself permission to go after it and love deeply.  No regrets.

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