Loving every minute of it!

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I am so loving every minute of it!!  I talked to another friend last week who sometimes she is up to her neck in her dream, but she is still loving every minute of it too!  It is hard and consumes a lot of time and effort but I am certain that we could not imagine being anywhere else.  We also would admit that we cannot go back to where we once were and as we continue to ride this rollercoaster with our hands up.  There are times we get frustrated and think that we are not even moving forward, like we are stuck, but in reality things are in motion, but we just don’t see it.  Can you say that you are loving every minute of it?  I used to not be able to say that but know I am happy.  Even my husband mentioned to me this weekend that I am the “try anything” girl and am willing to take on the challenges of life with open arms.  Mike and I went out for a bike ride today and since I had been out of the running game for a few days, it was a good way for me to get back to doing something good for me.  I love to ride my bike.  I love to run and am eager to get out there tomorrow in the morning.  I love the life I have yet to live and those that are there right beside me.  I know I still have lots to learn and much to share and every day I get better than I was the day before.  My hands are up…although I am strapped in…I am loving every minute of this ride. 

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