The Age of innocence

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As I was in line to check out at the grocery store this morning, I was met by a little chubby face on a 13 month old little girl that was playing peek-a-boo with me as she sat patiently in her mom’s cart in front of me.  Every time her mom moved, this little angel would strain to see around her mom to catch my smile and I had to softly laugh to myself as I would catch myself being caught up in this little game.  As I quietly waited, I found myself saying a quick prayer for this little girl.  It would be one she would never hear and one I would never see ever if it came true for her.  But I simply said, “Embrace the journey and follow your heart.”  I hope it travels with her as she continues to embark on this new journey she has just begun.  And I wondered when we lose that sense of innocence and when we doubt and believe that other people’s opinions matter more than our own.  Why do not remember what it feels like to have fun and laugh?  It amazes me of what we forget and how quickly those times and memories come flooding back when we let them.  I have a friend who is using her involvement in the G.I.F.T. to show her daughter how to remain strong and to never sacrifice her beliefs.  We may have started as an Army of One but we all think the same things and would change some things if we could go back.  What would you change?  Sometimes, the hardest path we travelled is what teaches us the biggest lessons and in that I would not change anything.  But maybe, we can make it a little easier for those younger than us.  Let us not forget and remember the age of innocence.

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