How do I get there?

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Yesterday was an ordinary day, but for some reason, I wrote down these words, “When you know where you are going, but don’t know how to get there.”  I can’t tell you why or what prompted it.  Then, without warning I get a text from KD who is looking for something new and she texts almost those exact words!!  I KNOW!!  SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!   What are the chances of that?  Why?  What does it mean?  I know where I am going, and am doing what I think I need to do to get there.  But sometimes the road I think I need to take isn’t the one I should take.  Maybe that road hasn’t shown up on my map yet or my GPS has not indicated it as an alternative route.  Funny thing about GPS — it’s job is to lead us to our destination, never taking into account possible detours or when we know a better way.  Don’t they seem to just get angrier every time they say, “Recalculating”?  LOL.  Where are you headed?  Do you have a destination in mind?  I had a lunch with someone from work yesterday and I think she was excited about learning more about this side of what I do as compared to my normal job.  There are a lot of things we learn along the way when we are traveling somewhere…we learn what works and what doesn’t…we learn what we need to get rid of and what we couldn’t live without…Give yourself permission to fall in love with that one thing that brings you such joy, you cannot imagine being anywhere else.  It becomes your life and you become it.  It defines you as your dreams start to become reality.  So, the big question is where are you going?  You will figure out how to get there and people who love you will be there…every step of the way.

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