The Pity Party

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Good grief…I have seen just about as many of these as I wish to see for the rest of my years, however long God allows me to walk on this Earth.  I love baseball and we are the perfect family for it also.  My husband used to play baseball when he was younger and even played in an over 30-year-old league (some years ago – don’t tell him I said that); our oldest son plays college baseball; our middle used to play, but doesn’t anymore; and our youngest is just beginning his career at the high school level.  Me??  I used to play softball in high school and was offered a chance to walk on a Division II school in college.  I will never forget something my dad said to me as we were driving away from a high school game against our cross-town rival when I told him, “We lost because of me.”  His response was, “Then quit.”  Guess what?  I refused to quit..from that point forward.  His point, although not what I wanted to hear, was EXACTLY what I needed to hear.  Right now, there are a group of baseball players who are feeling sorry for themselves and aren’t sure what to do next.  They don’t believe in themselves, let alone each other.  There is no continuity and teamwork that should be the foundation to this team.  They are all lost, wandering around wondering what happens next, afraid to be BOLD…afraid to SHOW MOXIE…afraid to fight for their love of the game.  Right now, it is easier to quit than to keep trying.  That’s the attitude they have adopted as their motto (at least last night)  and seem to want to wear it proudly as us parents cringe and watch them fall apart.  These are teenagers that I need to motivate…I have to try anyway.  Because right now, they are not a team.  Sure, they wear the same uniform and play catch together, but really they are all at thieir own party where there is room for one.  This is one time when I want them to leave this party and once again believe in the skill and talent that they have worked hard to develop and refine and believe that they deserve to be on that baseball field.  They were selected for a reason and now they have doubt.  It is always hard to sell something that you wouldn’t buy yourself.  But, we invite ourselves to a pity party from time to time, when we feel sorry for ourselves.  When we think we are at rock bottom.  When we want to give up — we either take on the responsibility of owning it all or owning none of it.  The “party goers” need to stop being selfish and again reestablish what “TEAM” means.  Someone needs to be the leader in getting the rest to think the same…we need an Army of One.  Attitude dictates effort, especially on the field.  So, boys, here is where you pick yourselves up and dust yourselves off and realize that today is another day.  There is no crying in baseball.  PLAY BALL!!!

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