The difference is you

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No one can do what you do.  No one.  But you can make all the difference there is to be made.  Everything else can be the same, except you are now there.  I was very inspired by this video from Ohio where a runner helps another fallen runner to her feet and aides her in crossing the finish line, making sure that the injured runner finished ahead of her.  Runner assist injured runner across finish line  WOW!!!!  That takes courage and complete unselfishness and that moment in their lives will always remain.  The difference is you.  The difference is me.  Someone special came into my life a couple of years ago and did what no one else had done.  The difference was her.  We matter and what we say and do matters.  Even if we don’t see it right away or never see it, those footprints are forever etched in places that we never knew existed.  And it connects us all to one another, even through different time zones and language differences.  It makes us all part of the same race…the human race.  And because we are intertwined, we all can change everything and how it affects everyone else.  Make a difference today…bring them you…

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