When Life Breaks You…

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Life isn’t always easy. It comes at you before you even know what happened. In over a year, my heart has been broken, tossed aside, and made me feel things I was afraid to admit. Perhaps you have been there as well. 2020 was a hard year. Yet, in some ways it made us better. It made us focus on what matters most. It reminded us of our strength and resiliency. What it means to fight. Sometimes, what we want and what happens are not the same thing. Sometimes, we don’t understand the real value of something or someone until it or they are no longer there. 

We look back and think how we could have done something different — perhaps with a better outcome. Maybe we missed an opportunity to say something and instead which we had found an ounce of courage to speak up. Life is not here to break us — it is here to remind us to live. 

To live without fear as we encounter the many changes we will experience. To embrace the sweetness found in the people we find along the way. To savor moments that become perfect without a single designed plan. To allow love to wash over us as our hearts ring true. To give more of ourselves to others — without a need to be repaid or recognized. 

Today is here. With the song of the spring bird joyfully inviting us to embark on this journey. We may have been a scar or two from life’s moments over the last year or so, but we are still here. Living life inspired every day. 

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