Second Chances: Why we all need them in life

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Lately, I have been thinking about the significance of trying again.

When the benefit of the doubt is long gone and new information influences how we feel about something or someone.

How do we learn to move past the experiences that hurt us? How do we allow someone new in? How do give them a chance?

Perhaps, you have had a similar moment in your life as well.

We’ve all been hurt by other people. Words and actions that have left a stain on our hearts.

Possibly creating distrust of others who have not wronged us at all. 

It can be difficult (and a tad bit scary) to allow someone in. Even if they are the ones who have made us feel unsure of their intentions. We want the guarantee, but life doesn’t grant us those. 

So, we create walls and spend time making sure their are no leaks in that wall. We take a post at the highest tower and keep any “outsiders” from getting in. We have worked hard to repair the damage that was done and will protect it at all costs. 

We push people away. We hide if we can. We promise to never let anyone else get that close. Ever again.

Many times, we blame ourselves. Unable to give ourselves grace when we need it most. 

We gave our heart away to someone we thought would care for it. Instead, they tossed it away as it it meant nothing. They never even thought twice about what they did either. (This is a reflection of them, not you.)

Broken hearts are one of the many things we all have in common — no matter who we are. 

Yet, forgiveness cannot exist without love. We must remember to give love to ourselves too. Let’s allow grace become something we accept with open arms. Even if we don’t want to admit we made a mistake. So we learn from it and move on.  

Don’t give up on all people just yet. 

There are some good ones out there. Chances are, they are looking for you. 

Give love a second chance. It deserves one too. 

Michelle A. Homme 2021 ©

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