Finding Calm and Peace in Simple Moments

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Much of life remains the same. The birds sing every morning and the flowers bloom with the rise of each sunrise. With the blue sky and white clouds softly drifting above me, I find peace in the simple things life has given me. I have come to a place of peace and acceptance. One I did not seek, yet cannot ignore. It is like knowing your path without a map. There are no questions — only answers. Words that come from within without much thought or understanding. Life is moving slow yet no minute beats faster than another. My writing has taken a step back, but allows me to become more of who I know I am. Without rules or opinions to guide me, I feel incredible peace with who I have become.

When the world spins around on its axis and chaos comes with a vengeance, it would be easy to pretend that it means nothing. To disregard the moments to say hello to someone you may never see again. To slow down enough to observe life its ordinary spaces. To appreciate the breath we take in and the moments that cannot be repeated.

Life is not a race. It is not something to win. It requires us to be vulnerable and authentic to our very core — yet most will barely skim the surface of life. Afraid to be seen as we truly are. What we leave with others is not ours for the keeping but something to help them remember who they are.

The connection we have to this earth and the elements that allow for growth and continued sustainability will never fade. To be in a place of pure contentment and harmony is one I have missed. To know I am everything I have ever wanted and more than that, I am exactly where I am needed most. 

Be still and comfortable in the quiet. Soak up the lush breeze as the sun drifts just overhead. Cherish the sprouts of joy whenever they appear.

Become an observer of what is missing from your heart and bring it into your soul. Be brave and strong when your are challenged to be. Let your story inspire others as you begin to feel the calm and peace wash over you. 

Michelle A. Homme, 2021 ©

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