The Magic Found in Beginning Again

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No matter who we are, we have all experiences things that ended. Some times, those were not decisions we made and other times, we knew it was a decision long overdue. We realize that when one thing is over, another must start. 

Things look differently. They feel different too. We don’t always recognize something as the first time until we first recognize something as the last time of something else. 

Life is full of the should haves and could haves. Maybe you have a pile of regrets collecting dust in the corner as I do. 

I love the power found in beginnings. It is why I love the sunrise — it is a chance to do something new. Maybe something I have long forgotten. Maybe something I set aside and now want to pick back up again. 

This journey of mine brought me here, but it was different then. I was writing just to write. Capturing my thoughts as they were happening. Sharing a bit of myself with however found me. 

Now, I feel like I am focused on which social media channel to post on and how often. Sometimes, not giving myself grace when I miss a pre-planned posting. Feeling guilty when I take time away from those who matter most so I can make a self-imposed deadline. 

The burden of trying to do it all is starting to make its mark. Not in a good way. Balancing two things mean I let other things fall to the floor. My intentions may be good at heart, but my execution needs something different. 

This is where I am. With an endless list of things to do and not nearly enough time in any lifetime to get to it all, I admit, I must choose. This is a not a failure, but a change in how I think about success. Refocusing my efforts on the words that inspire one, influence one, or impact one is more than enough. 

Therefore, I am coming up with a new plan. One that fits what I want and can accomplish. One that allows me to get back to what I love most — writing. Not one to compete with others or in response to what I think the world needs at any given moment. I am an endless giver, but one cannot drink from an empty cup. 

Here’s to writing a new chapter to a an ever changing story. 

Michelle A. Homme 2021 ©

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