4 Things That Matter Most in Life

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There are many things life teaches us. Some of those lessons come without warning while others become blessings all in their own time. Sometimes, we are the teachers and other times, we are the students. 

As we continue to move through life, there are 4 things I have come to appreciate more than others. Not to say that those things that did not make the list are not important, but these are the ones I am choosing in concentrate on today. 

At times, we rush through life. Forgetting that the one who gets to the finish line first isn’t always the one who wins. Working long hours. Moving from day to day. Doing the same old thing. Pretty boring, I’d say. 

When it is all said and done, we must ask ourselves a simple question: “What matters the most to me?” Other questions like “How do I want to live my life?” or “Am I living my best life?” may come to mind as well. We all chase the same things, but reach them at different times. Some people pass over what really matters because they are afraid of being vulnerable in front of others. 

My list is not done in any particular order, but may make you think about the life you are living and the intentions you must make to get all you can out of the years you have on this planet. 

1. Do good work We all want something to do that means something and can make us proud. Something that is bigger than ourselves and perhaps, makes the world a better place. Maybe it’s found in volunteering a local charity or mentoring for foster youth. Perhaps, it is found in something you say or do that inspires others to step up and do something good for others. It may not cost a lot of money or a lot of time, but that fact that you chose to give it and it is something you know needed to get done is influential. Keep doing good work. It matters – even if no one notices. Unconditional giving is how we feed our souls and it never gets old. 

2. Embrace the little things The big events (graduations, weddings, and births) all have their place. Life needs them as much as we need them. Yet, some of my favorite moments are then my family is one place and they are playing games with one another. It doesn’t get much better than sitting out on my front porch or back deck with a good book as the sun sets and a light breeze softly whispers “I’m glad you’re here.” The laughter that echoes through the house or the smell of a good meal cooking in the kitchen. The silence found in the falling snow or the pounding heard in a thundering rain. The smiles shared between people who have not seen one another for some time and the tears that fall without warning. Be observant to life and scoop up every tiny morsel you can — for they are important too. 

3. Saying what’s in our heart It can be scary to be that vulnerable. To be that raw and yet, when someone we love is no longer here, we wish we could tell them how we feel. It’s scary. Our voices cracks and trembles with every word as it escapes from our lips. Tears fall (let them fall) where just a moment ago there were none. Most regrets are bound by the things we never do — that includes the words we never say. It takes 20 seconds of insane courage to share your heart with someone else. The outcome is irrelevant. Say what you feel and do it anyway. 

4. Spend time with loved ones Chances are, we have all had those people we would not want to be trapped in an elevator with in our lives. Those people don’t matter. Focus on the ones who fill your hearts with love and friendship. The ones who support your dreams but aren’t going to hide when it comes to telling you the truth either. The ones you want to travel with and make new memories with and the ones who know who you are even when you say the wrong thing. Life is much too short to spend our days with the people who don’t love you for you you. 

Living life comes down to choices. Making priorities and setting boundaries. Without an explanation, justification, or reason. This is YOUR life. Some days, we have to do what needs done, but don’t get so wrapped in that so you miss what matters most. You and I both know how quickly time flies. Don’t waste another second by doing all those things that don’t even matter. If you aren’t sure where to start, use these 4 things to get you on your way. You will be glad you did. 

Michelle A. Homme 2021 ©

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