What a New Pair of Shoes Taught Me About Not Giving Up

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New Shoes

We never know where we will learn our lessons.

Several months ago, I found these shoes at a local store.

I am not one to shop, but do like to save money when I do.

Sometimes, the things I end up purchasing were never even on my radar.

After trying them on in my size, I convince myself that they would make a nice addition to my work attire.

Several weeks later, I give them a try with a new outfit.

Little did I know that I would soon regret that decision.

Feeling Hurt

Probably after about noon, I could just tell something was wrong.

Painfully wrong.

By the time I got home, I remember thinking how I couldn’t wait to get these shoes off my feet.

There was instant relief once I had them off too.

As I sat on the bench at the end of my bed, I took off each sock and realized why I was miserable…

…I had two large blisters on each foot, both on the same toe.

The skin was already ripped open and the area was sensitive to the touch.

I cringed as I put on my slippers, hoping the rubbing of the fabric wouldn’t cause any more damage.

For the next few weeks, I was very selective as I picked out what socks and shoes I would be wearing throughout the day.

Time Allows For Healing

Without much doing, the skin started to grow back.

It seemed slow at first, but every time I didn’t wince, I knew I was healing.

It just took time.

It took patience.

Walking around barefoot just wasn’t an option.

(As much as I would have loved that.)

Heavier socks and shoes that had more give were intentional.

Every time, I needed a pair of shoes to wear, I hesitated when I got to this pair.

They were begging to do what they were made to do.

But I knew I wasn’t ready.

Not yet.

Trying again

Once day recently, I wanted to wear a certain outfit.

Of course, I knew the shoes that would make it all come together.

Staring at this pair of shoes, I proceeded to have a conversation with them.

Part pep talk for them and part courage for me, I knew I had to try again.

So I did.

My toes didn’t get blisters and I received several compliments about them from others.

Later that night, I chuckled to myself as I learned a valuable lesson…

…all from a pair of shoes.

Lesson Learned

Some of you may not have figured out the lesson yet, but that’s okay.

I’ll share it with you.

How many times have we tried something new and then didn’t do it again?

When we decided after just ONE try to walk away.

To give up.

Even though what we are doing might be something we want.

Something we really want.

When we are in a place of “beginnings,” we naturally feel uncomfortable.

Maybe a little awkward.

Maybe it hurts a little too.

So let us remember to give ourselves time.

To be patient as we navigate this new path.

No matter what kind of shoes we wear.

Michelle A. Homme 2019 ©

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