When dreams come true

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Dreams are awesome. They take us to places we only wish we could go. But not all dreams end there. Some dreams want a life of their own…a living, breathing life. It nags at us, when we are trying to carry on and ignore it. Those dreams are fueled not just by everyday thoughts and wishes, but something deeper. Something from our soul. Something that can never be dismissed as insignificant. Overlooking them is not an option. But pursuing them can be scary and doubt creeps in just to see what you are made of and how far you are willing to go. Fear and doubt are the biggest obstacles when we are faced with the choice to continue forward or remain where we are. Dreams are the way our true heart’s desires and passions speak to us and make us think about they way things COULD be. Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” What are you made of? Are you willing to take ONE STEP…just ONE…to get you closer to your dream? In the next week, one of my dearest, closest friends will see her dream become reality. As much as she might have some nervousness about this new chapter in her life, she also has so much excitement that I am not sure she sleeps very well at night. I have watched the dream go from every step to get her to here and have, at times, been an active participant in the pursuit of that dream. It has been a voyage where I have seen her through the ups and (minor) downs as she pursued her vision for what her heart has been telling her for a long time. Very shortly, her dream will no longer be a dream or a hallucination. It is her new reality and she had the MOXIE to follow it. She did this and I am so proud and happy for her. Dreams can come true…what are your dreams telling you? Are you listening? Do you have the moxie to take that one step closer to making your dream your reality? It doesn’t happen over night…be patient…and it will happen. ABSOLUTELY it will.

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