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In less than two weeks, The G.I.F.T. will begin a new chapter not just in my life but in those lives that come to experience what the G.I.F.T. has to offer. For those of you that don’t know, I created the G.I.F.T. (with lots of help from friends – thanks, SM, for the name) as a way to gather a group of women so that we can find ourselves again. The G.I.F.T. stands for Greatness Is Found Together and begins on September 27th. I have work to do on what I will present that evening, but my vision for what comes from the interaction and sharing that develops may me different from what actually occurs as the group grows. Back in May, LL suggested that I start a women’s group and I was excited about the idea and then dismissed it just as quickly. But the idea would not be denied and it kept nagging at me in different ways, through different people. So, in a matter of just weeks, I secured a meeting place and time, secured dates for a year, created, ordered and mailed invitations, and now, here we are. My husband did not understand why I was being pulled to hold this group but he focused on that I was “doing this me”. That could not be more further from the way I feel and it was difficult for me to try to convince him otherwise. This blog is a way to share my ideas, perspectives, and beliefs about how we can all change our lives. The G.I.F.T. is a more personal, verbal way for me to do the same thing. There is a connection between people who see the same thing and want it for the same reasons. Our hearts connect us and when we forget, even temporarily, why we women need to revive our passions for our lives, we become lost. The G.I.F.T. is not my group or your group – I see it as our group. Women will come once and never come back again…others will come some time later…some will never come…and others will make it a part of their life. I am not sure if I am nervous at all, but I do know I am excited about this new branch of my life. I have to be willing to encourage others to see what I see, because this can also be theirs. But they have to choose it. But, as we all know, women are strong and sacrifice to others before they will take something for themselves. Here is a chance for you to say, “I am doing this for me and I am not going to feel guilty about it.” I love to give (don’t like the receiving part so much) every day. Even if it is a smile, a hug, or a card in the mail. I am taking my chance to give one more thing to you…the G.I.F.T. It just might be the next big thing and change your life forever. FDW!

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