Nothing matters if…

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“Nothing matters if you don’t believe in yourself.” – from “Rocky III” struck me last night as I was relaxing at home after a busy day. How can you sell someone something that you don’t even believe? Seriously? Really. I have told one of my sons more than once, “If you do not give yourself a chance, who will?” Why would they? It starts with you – always. Another of my favorite quotes comes from Oprah – who doesn’t love Oprah, right? “It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” You have to believe. Maybe you don’t believe right now, for whatever reason. Maybe it starts when someone else believes in you – for no other reason other than they see your potential. They see what you CAN BE, which is usually more than what you ARE. It is powerful when someone believes in you and I become stronger when I have that kind of support. Who doesn’t? Do you have people in your life that believe in you? Not just support you…not just love you…but BELIEVE in you??? That encourage you to be more, to not let the little bumps in the road get you down, to always see the good you bring to the world? I know I do not realize how many people believe in me, but I believe there are more than I would acknowledge simply because it would probably embarrass me more than anything. It has to matter and you have to believe that you are worth it and deserving of more. I didn’t believe that for a very long time – so I settled in some aspects of my life. In others, I did what I thought was right and followed my heart. The people who care about you the most LOVE to see you bloom! Believe in yourself. It is in YOU!

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