Some things cannot be taught….they must be learned

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I was thinking about an incident that occurred about 5 months ago that I had to learn something that someone could not teach me. I had to learn it in my own way, in my own time, and on my own. Someone forced me to do that and look deep into my heart to really find the answers I was afraid to give. I got a wonderful text last night from one of my most favorite people and he tells me, “Thanks” for teaching him about attitude and effort. He had to see it regardless of how much I showed it to him. He had to WANT to see it regardless of how much I said the same words over and over. He has heard the same message again and again and I think he finally gets it. But I totally understand where he was coming from — been there. Sometimes the hardest lessons are the ones that mean the most…that hurt the most…that can change us the most. We are never graded on those lessons, but we can define our progress from those lessons. Learning is an ongoing part of life and that is how we grow. We need to challenge ourselves to be better tomorrow. I really hope that this great young man takes his words that he spoke to me to heart and holds fast to those convictions that will motivate him to stay on track with these newly found examples of how he CHOOSES to ensure that his attitude dictates his effort and therefore, everything that comes as a result of that. Life is about discovery and taking our experiences and using them to take another step towards tomorrow. Are you a teacher or a student? We have to be both at times in our life. Use what you know for sure to utilize your skills and talents to make this world better. Learn the lessons that come your way and be willing to teach when you know more than others do. That is how we serve, but remember to be humble as well. Those are forever and always the most important lessons we can ever learn.

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