What direction are you headed?

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People always say, “Your compass points north.” I have never really understood that phrase. Why north? What is wrong with pointing east, west, or south? All of the directions are equally important, don’t you think? Sometimes, the quickest way to get to the Far East would be to head west, depending on where your begin that trek. I was wondering if it really matters what direction we are headed in as long as we are headed in the RIGHT direction. What direction are you headed? We get lost from time to time and are not sure which is the right way to head, so we wander. Aimlessly. For a long time. We don’t commit to a direction because we second guess ourselves. We want to have some guarantee that this is the “right” direction. Guess what, everyone? It does not work that way. How do we know when it is the “right” direction? You JUST know.  It cannot be explained, even when you try to, when you use the same words over and over hoping that this one time you share it, that it makes sense. I know what direction I am headed and I know I am not just wandering around. I have a purpose to this adventure and it will affirm that I am where I am supposed to be. Check your internal compass today…what direction are you headed? You can change your course, you know. Just because you set out for a certain destination in mind, understand that the wind changes, and you may end up someplace you could have never imagined. And it may just be the exact place you were meant to be. Never question why…always question what you are supposed to do when you get there.

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