“Anything worth doing…

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…is going to be difficult.” This is something from a movie that always reminds me of how things SHOULD be, not necessarily the way things ARE. This movie is centered around a character who does not like following the rules. He is surrounded by people telling him, “That is the way we have always done it.” and things like that. But what gets him really thinking is when a woman in the emergency room is begging to see her daughter who has been seriously injured in a car accident (where her husband and son have ben killed), and the nurse is refusing to let her see her little girl until the mother fills out the “necessary paperwork”. Are you kidding me? Seriously? That is when “Patch” really starts to see what SHOULD be. He starts to envision what’s possible. How exciting!!! He wakes up his colleague and literally starts talking almost as fast as he is thinking with ideas of what he sees and what SHOULD be. She tries to dissuade him and discourage him because it will not be easy. Then, he says, “ANYTHING WORTH DOING IS GOING TO BE DIFFICULT.” What are you doing or want to do that is worth it? Understanding that it will not be given to you because that would be easy. It will be difficult and you will have to fight through everything that wants to hold you back – whether it is your own doubt and fear of the unknown, negative feedback from others, lack of funding, or seeing the end result but not sure how to get there. Making it difficult makes it worth it. And your dream and you are worth it. Believe it.

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