Whatever it takes

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Have you ever been faced to make this decision?  When you want something so badly that you find yourself actually saying those exact words – “Whatever it takes”?  Have you ever committed to something with your full heart that you know that failure is not an option, just a delay in achieving your goal?  Life is tricky and hard and full of heartaches that we wish upon no one.  Life is also full of blessed events, precious people, and wonderful moments that can bring out the best in us as well.  I have seen dedication and it comes from within, not from some outside source.  Devotion to something or someone is not ever going to be stopped when it is driven by the heart.  I read somewhere, “Not even the best scientists have ever been able to measure how much a heart can hold.”  Have you ever seen someone in motion, with MOMENTUM behind them all the way?  Someone who is focused on getting to where they need to get to, even if they don’t know how or how much it will cost will always have adrenaline working for them and that can make people do impossible things.  But you have to believe that you can and once you do, you will be moving mountains.  Whatever it takes will become a lifestyle and mantra for you as you progress through the everyday things you see, face, and feel.  Do you have something like this in your life?  I have a long-time friend from high school who has just recently started to commit to running as much as she can and I admire her enthusiasm in making herself look better and feel better.  She will not let other people who are clearly jealous of her stop her or get in her way when it comes to this…she is committed and will do whatever it takes to see her goal accomplished.  Very proud of you, D. Do the same…do whatever it takes to reach your goal.  The biggest surprise you will find is just how strong you were to begin with and nothing was going to stop you.  Whatever it takes.  ALWAY

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