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When you cannot find a way, make a way.  I heard something like this over the weekend, and thought about it more before writing this post.  Sometimes, when situations or people seem to be determined to bring us down, it really does just the opposite for me.  It wasn’t always that way.   It can be difficult to accept what other people say about us or when issues come up that we somehow get thrown into the middle of, even though it really doesn’t involve us.  I remember once in high school when I felt like  a mistake I made on the softball field (against our rival, no less) cost our team the game and was not feeling very proud of myself.  So, what does my dad tell me?  “Then, quit!”  I think at that point I refused to do what was easy and gradually (took me 25 years, so that is pretty gradual – I was pacing myself…LOL) got to where I am now.  I am not ever going to quit and if I cannot find a way through, then I will make my own.  Even if it has never been done before.  Even if people stand by and shake their heads in disbelief.  Even if unnecessary criticism comes at the price of making a relationship worse.  So many people have so much more to worry about than I do.  Friends of ours have a son going through his second round of chemo this week (with you Z’s!)…others have lost their jobs…we are never immune to life and the bad it brings at times.  However, we can use those situations to motivate us to do better…to be better…to give more…to love deeper…to have more faith…Dreams come true when you make your own way, not when you follow someone else’s design for you.  If you were lost in a forest and there was no trail to follow, what would you do?  Would you stand still and wait for someone to find you, never knowing if they were even looking for you?  Would you call out, hoping someone might hear you?  Would you get frustrated and throw up your hands in disbelief that you could even be in this situation in the first place?  (I know people who would.)  OR…would you start walking, making your own way?  Would your instincts starts to kick in and understand that staying calm will be your best ally?  Would you believe that you can do anything you set out to do?  People admire trailblazers for a reason…they go where no one has ever gone before and the thrill of the adventure is what sets them aside from everyone else sitting in the forest, waiting to be rescued.  Rescue yourself.  If you cannot find a way, make a way. 

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