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As I sigh a deep breath for this post, I have to go where my heart lives and tell you what my greatest wish is for all of you, but along with the greatest wish will come many smaller ones.  I always wish you a day with a warm, sincere smile from someone you either just met or someone who is precious to you.  It doesn’t really matter – if it is genuine, then it can make everything better and something that you go back to during the day that will make you smile.  I know it sounds silly, but trust me, it does happen that way.  I wish for you to feel safe, be warm, and have food on the table to keep your health well.  We all need to take time to rest and slow down and taking care of ourselves, even in the most basic of forms, can rejuvenate us and give us the energy we need for the next day.  If you see someone who might be lacking, do what you can to help that person.  In so many ways, we are different, but in so many ways we are just the same.  I wish that you find the love of your life and he/she truly treasures you and “completes you.”  I wish that you find true friendship – the kind that takes you through ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and back again – trusting it unconditionally, even when you can’t see it or hear it.  It can only be felt.  I wish you courage to pursue your passion and follow your dream, even if it takes you on a path you never thought you would travel.  View the journey as one you were meant to be a part of, while understanding that you will grow and learn along the way.  Giving yourself the chance to BLOOM will always brighten the days of those around you as nothing is better than watching other people shine.  I wish you a long future to do all you want to do so that you live with no regrets, as those things left undone and words left unsaid leave you full of guilt.  Nothing else.  The biggest wish I would grant you is to be happy.  I know it seems simple and easy, but there are people out there that choose to not to be happy.  I always say that if it matters to you and you matter to me, then it matters to me.  Sometimes laughing in the midst of the chaos is the only way to get through it, but ultimately no one should live unhappy. If you have people around you that seem to be like the plague, then maybe you need to find a way to remove them from your life.   I am not a genie so I cannot grant you these wishes, but hope that you know that you can actually achieve all of them on your own.  Wishing them to happen doesn’t make them happen, but maybe it motivates you to do something different so that the wishes are no longer wishes, but are your reality.  My motto for 2012 is “BE HAPPY!”

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