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I have been on an incredible journey and it is not one that I could have planned, even if I tried.  It is not even close to being over either!!  With blue prints in hand, I still would have forgotten something.  What have you done when your destiny calls on you?  When little pieces of that destiny has shown itself to you almost to invite you to see what you were truly meant to do?  Some people can look at their circumstances and be angry about them and all the fighting and arguing change nothing  — except there was more denial.  When I was younger, I had just accepted that my life was “what it was” and not as it is “was it was meant to be”, but that is truly how it was meant to be.  In order for me to be where I am right now, I had to experience what I have.  Although not the prettiest at times, it has been real and give people a new perspective on their own lives.  What have you known about yourself that you finally…finally…set free?  Have you done that yet?  WHY NOT?!  Allowing your true self to come through and be all that you were born to be is like a freedom I have never felt before.  “Nothing can be more frightening than living up to your true potential.”  What do you LOVE to do?  What can you do in your sleep, without really putting much thought into it?  This is not that hard of a test…you know it.  I love to write.  But I never knew it before I started this blog.  I never understood that as I became inspired about life and the way I look at it that I could start others to do the same.  That lead me to this website, to the creation of my own company, Constant Change, LLC, to writing a book, and wanting to speak to start the ripple effect.  As scary as parts of this journey have been, I have learned much along my travels.  I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I ever was.  I have learned that I have to trust and have faith — even if I cannot see it, touch it, or hear it.  I have learned that I am not alone although I may have stood up first.  I have learned that by changing my life I motivate others to do the same…one small step at a time.  Even with all of that new found knowledge, I have to admit, that this is what I have always known about me…I am here for a reason.  This is it.  What have you always known about you? 

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