No expectations

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It is difficult to not have expectations, but who hasn’t had them?  If you study really hard for a test, you EXPECT a good grade.  If you diet and exercise, you EXPECT to lose weight.  We all do it.  But it is hard to let them go.  But we have to.  It is a necessity.  Holding onto what could happen usually leads to disappointment and who wants to live their life full of that?  But we create them to set the bar higher than it was before and to achieve more than we ever thought we could.  We have goals and ambitions that drive us to excel in areas that we might have given up before.  If we have everything to look forward to then everything becomes a surprise and the anticipation isn’t so dreadful.  What are you holding onto that you need to let go of in your life?  I had expectations of something that I had needed to let go of for some time and early this week, I finally did.  I cannot even tell you what happened, but suddenly, I was at peace with the situation and am still ok with it the way it is two days later.  It’s hard, isn’t it?  It is usually something you want to change because what you see is not what you want and we all have circumstances that we want to be different, in one way shape or form.  When you hold on too tight, then you really can’t let the situation or relationship develop.  Everything has to run its course.  Everything has a purpose, even if we don’t see it.  We have to trust it.  I know there are friends of ours that are asking themselves, “Why did this happen to us?”  and “We didn’t ask for this?”  because they have medical issues before them that make me almost quiver with the strength that they had to muster in a short amount of time.  Let go….of it all.  You really don’t think you wishing it makes it happen, do you?  Playing out in your mind all that you wish to happen is not the way this works — you and both know it.  Accepting it is where we get stuck.  We EXPECT to get that promotion because we think we deserve it.  We EXPECT to hit a home run because we have been hitting in the batting cage three times this week.  There are NO guarantees in this life…EXPECT nothing.  Then, every day will surprise you!

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