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We all have “buttons” that get pushed from time to time.  We know what we like and what we don’t like.  We try to distance ourselves from those that we don’t like and surround ourselves with those we do like.  I never try to push anyone’s “don’t like” button, but that does not exist on Facebook.  There is “like” and “unlike”, which really could just mean you don’t have an opinion one way or another.  LOL.  The society we live in nowadays.  But we can push our own buttons, too.  I know I can.  The good news is that I know what those buttons are and I know how to “unpush” them also.  There are people that I work with that are negative and try harder at making people upset because they like to have that power over that person.  Why??  To make them feel superior and make the other person feel bad about themselves.  A couple of days ago, a co-worker shared with me some of what she has experienced at work and I could not believe the extend of what people will do to try to break someone else.  Imagine if they put that kind of effort into doing something in their own life!!  Bullying is not something that you think would happen in a work place with adults, but I will tell you that it still happens…almost to where it is borderline harassment.  I know I push other people’s buttons sometimes.  The buttons I try to always push are the ones that encourage, that inspire, that give hope.  I try to be that surprise smile and warm hug when it is needed most.  I got both yesterday from PM who I do not but every once in a while, but I love it when I do.  The wave “hello” from the car window as you pass someone driving through the neighborhood is a great button to push.  So….here is your assignment today…should you choose to accept it…push buttons today, but push the right kind.  You know what I am saying.  Have a great weekend!!

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