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Yes, this is also the name of a TV show where uncomfortable situations and actors are there to see if the general public would react to something that is apparently very wrong, without knowing that they are on hidden cameras. If you were in a situation that you KNEW was wrong and the people who have the power to stand up and say something and stop it do nothing, what would you do? This was brought to my attention over the last week when I was told about someone who allegedly made racial remarks to another person and no one did anything. What happens when you are REQUIRED to put people in a situation that you believe will cause more harm than good? I cannot do that morally. I am struggling with this dilemma right now. I am not a military wife, nor do I completely understand their method. But if a ranking officer orders a soldier to do something, even if it is morally wrong, is that soldier obligated to follow that order? If he does, his heart will carry that guilt forever – knowing that he could have stopped some tragedy. If he does not, is he being insubordinate and face consequences? What happens in this case? Have you seen, “A Few Good Men” with Tom Cruise? Two marines are brought up on charges of murdering a fellow marine because their commanding officer ordered them to and although they are acquitted of that charge, they go to prison for “conduct unbecoming an officer.” What would you do? I cannot sit and watch this unfold and it makes me very angry that someone quit their job because someone else wouldn’t do their job. Do you have the guts to stand up and do what is right, not what is easy? DO YOU?? Look hard at what you stand for…what you believe…what humanity expects…what character you possess. Is your MOXIE showing when you need it to show, more than anything? Above all? Good grief. What are you made of and what do think you will regret more – – saying something and knowing you were right or not saying anything at all? Either way, you will remember it for the rest of your life. And so will others that were also there. Doing the right thing when something is wrong says a lot about a person. Sometimes it says more than it should which is more than you ever thought it could. SHOW YOUR MOXIE!!

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