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Have you ever been just going on about your day, doing whatever you are doing, thinking whatever you are thinking, and then see something totally random but it is enough to catch your eye and then you look at it more and think it looks like a shape you recognize? How fun is that? That happened to me the other morning when I was out for my walk. Yes, I have cut down on some of my running, but at a minimum I walk about 5 miles a day. Rocky and I get to talking and then the running just doesn’t happen. KITTY! This particular morning was just after an overnight rain and she was not with me. I usually still take our normal route, but like to mix it up on occasion. As I was listening to my wonderful morning “Get me inspired” music, I see a rain spot in the middle of the street that appears under my feet in the shape of a heart. No kidding – a heart! I actually walked over it once before my brain recognized it as something other than just wet pavement. Then, I backed up and took a look again and looked around the street to see if there were others. There were none. As good as I was feeling about starting a new day with the sun about to rise, getting my exercise, loving life, and even being all alone, I felt the warmth that only love can bring. It made me smile. It still does. Look around…it might be right under your feet.

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