A New Beginning!

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Today is YOUR day! Yes, I am talking to YOU! No, you do not need to look around to see if I am right behind you. But I am with you. Always. As I was on my morning walk (yes, I walked today as I do on some days), I was watching the light orange glow of the upcoming sun crest over the roofs of the houses in my neighborhood. It is a new day. It has not been decided yet as to what will be in front of you or how things will occur, but you have some control of how you plan your day. Yesterday, I was asked if I was in a bad mood by someone I work with a lot. I seem to really be picking up on the negativity and that gets old after a while. I told him, “no” because I wasn’t and I was choosing to take on the day as it was before me. How do you want your day to play out? What are you doing to change your life? Have you done anything since you started reading? What holds you back? If it is just fear, then “feel the fear and do it anyway” – get on with it. Take a deep breath. Have faith in all that you are and are yet to be. Your day is today. Someone I know is starting her new journey and today is her first real day of that trek. She begins her new life and all that it has in storefor her. I was a runner before I knew I was a runner. I ran away from life, never really engaged in it. Now, I run at it because I am not going to let it get away any more. How do you want to live your life? You can begin anew – you can take one step – you can. Have you ever seen, “Kung Fu Panda”? The premise is that this goofy, overweight panda is supposed to be the town’s hero and fight the “bad guy”. He keeps looking for the “secret ingredient” so he can make sure he has the right “recipe” so that he can achieve victory. The problem is that he keeps looking for it elsewhere…truth is, it lies within him. You are the secret ingredient for your NEW beginning. Once you believe it, you will have all the power you need. There is no need to look anywhere else. Your beginning starts today. Congratulations!

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