Glass half full

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That so wasn’t me. My glass was always half-empty. Pretty much. How full or empty is your glass? Regardless of what you think is in your glass, you know you can change it and you can change how you look at it. Yes, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t there to make you want to look at what you don’t have. Who doesn’t do that from time to time? But it cannot be what grounds you. Just about every day, I see someone that I used to work with and am reminded of her attitude towards life – everybody is against her, she complains all the time, and she has the life she has because of some tragedy when she was younger. We all have a past and it is what we do with those experiences that determine what we do later. My mom told me this weekend that she was sorry for not being more to me when I was younger. I have totally forgiven her and told her that she needs to not live in the past. When I see my glass on my desk, either near full, half full, or not full enough it is a choice for me to see it that way. Usually when I think it is not full enough, I have to go get more water. I see what is in the glass, not what is NOT in the glass. And, then I just go get more. What do you see in your “glass”? If you think it is “not quite full enough”, then go get more to fill it back up! If it is nearly full, be grateful for what is in your glass because that can change at any moment. Change your attitude to be positive and you will change your entire being. See it…done it…live it. It is Tuesday!

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