What we gravitate to

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Have you ever wondered why some people just click and others just don’t?  Or why I like murder mysteries and my husband likes more of the fantasy type genre for books?  I was wondering why we gravitate to what we gravitate to… Why would I pick a Caramel Heaven cupcake over a bag of Doritos most days?  Why is my favorite color blue?  We are drawn by things and people who stimulate us in positive ways and shy away from those that have a negative affect on us.  Sometimes, we don’t know the difference because we aren’t looking for the differences.  I have noticed recently when people are negative – right out of the chute, they are negative and I am not getting sucked into that.  I refuse to and since I can choose, I choose to remove myself (as much as possible) from those people and issues.  We have three sons and they are all unique in their own way and I always find it so interesting why one loves to be on stage with show choir,  one wants to be a vet, and the other one is a studying to be a nurse.  I believe that before we are even born we are given those preferences and likes and dislikes and what we gravitate to is just our heart guiding us, like the flower reaches for the sunlight.  We are given one chance in this life to use our whole heart to make a difference in this world and when we actively choose to allow our soul to make it better, then we are compelled to listen.  It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else and many times, it doesn’t.  But if what you are doing makes you happy and brings joy to others, then it can never be wrong.  In turn, when we allow ourselves to be who we are, then it can be amazing when you see who gravitates towards you.  Believe me, I notice stuff like this now and it literally takes my breath away.

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