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They say that, “Blood is thicker than water” and it is meant to remind people who are related through blood then nothing is stronger than that.  I believe that love trumps blood.  You don’t have to be family to love and in some families, there is no love.  But when love is given freely and unconditionally, it makes it unbreakable.  Sometimes, our “family” has a few people who are adding to it from time to time because we know there are people we CHOOSE to be a part of our lives forever.  I have a few people in my family that I would choose anyway, but it is nice that they are both.  Then, there are those that I have no blood relationship with and I want them in my life.  I love that they are in my life and that they choose to include me in theirs.  Love is to be given, not to be held onto for safe keeping.  Love is what we do when we send someone a “happy birthday card”.  Love is what we do when show compassion towards someone else who is grieving the loss of a friend.  Love is more than what we are capable of giving at any given time.  It motivates us to be more and extend deeper than we may have ever thought possible.  Love is trust and faith and knowing that you must have both.  Love is honest, even if it might not be what is wanted to be said or heard.  Keep those people close in your life, family or not, that you love and hold on to them, through anything and everything, because when push comes to shove, those people will be right with you at the front line, holding your hand, showing you that love is not just more, it is all there is.

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