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I did not sleep very well last night, tossing and turning, never really getting comfortable until about 3am, when I might have drifted back off to sleep.  Of course, because I don’t think my mind ever gets turned off (it might hibernate at times), I will undoubtedly think of something when I should be doing something else.  But what struck me last night about this post was about how easy it is NOT to do something.  I know someone who always takes the easy road and “talks the talk” but does not “walk the walk”.  Words don’t mean anything if we do not follow them up with action.  Dreams remain dreams and nothing more if we never pursue them.  Why do we do that?  No other reason, just that it’s easy.  But if the things we desire and yearn for are ours for the taking, then there is no quest and the excitement for the times when we finally succeed.  How many times have we taken that road?  You know which one I’m talking about….otherwise known as Easy Street.  It makes the trek on this road worth it and then makes us grateful.  I told someone once that, “It’s hard.”  Her reply was, “I’m glad it’s hard.”  Because I think what she was trying to tell me that if it’s hard, then it’s worth it.  We need to push ourselves further not make the excuse about not doing it because it is easy.  Sure, anyone can say “I can’t” because that’s easy.  What would happen you tried and then found out you could?  Anything is possible.  “We never said it would be easy.  We said it be worth it.”

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