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 We all probably cared about what others think about us, to some degree.  But it takes a strong person to dismiss those opinions as being more important of the only one that really matters – your own.  People get jealous of others because they are something else that those people can never be and so that is their way of “trying to get back at them.”  Funny how just by our being ourselves by being kind and generous that it causes such hatred and anger in others.  Those of us that give our hearts away and never know if we will get them back know that we have given it away unconditionally and trust that it will be protected at all costs and they will be loved forever.  Last weekend, I came across a really need quote that I want to share with you… “I cannot promise you that I will be here for the rest of your life.  But I can promise you that I will love you for the rest of mine.”  People will say what they want to say, sometimes with the intention of hurting others and I don’t think I have ever really understood that.  I think it is different to tell someone how you feel, without being mean than it is to say something maliciously.  Especially when they admit it.  For a while in my life, I cared about what others thought about me, but probably once I reached my twenties, I was done with trying to please others first.  Now, twenty years later, I have stepped that up a notch to where bantering back and forth is not worth my time or effort so I remove myself from it.  I can choose to play or not to play.  I some circumstances, I choose to play.  In others, not so much.  I have had to make some difficult decisions lately and they were not easy to make.  Nor where telling people of those decision easy to do either.  I was only afraid of what one person would think of me, but really I already knew that her view of me wouldn’t change.  She has my back and would love me regardless of what decision I made, as long as I made it from my heart.  We all knew that I had to make those decisions and it may tarnish what others may think about me or say about me.  But in the long run, I had one person that matters most and I needed to care most about what she would say…about me.  And because I had to let my heart guide me, I know I did the right thing.  Those that love me will love me no matter what.  Whose opinion matters most?  Mine.  Everyone else can stand beside me or not.  That choice is theirs to make.  I have made mine.

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