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We tell our boys that whenever they are doing something and they need to do their best, that they need to bring their “A” game.  Yes, we want them to excel and give 100% at whatever they are doing.  But do we do that in our own lives?  Probably not all the time, but when we need to, do we?  Sometimes, we go at it like we have nothing to lose and other times we give just barely enough.  But what if we took on those challenges are if there were no tomorrow?  What if failure was not an option?  Then, we would look at things a little differently.  I know I am not going to feel like running my 6.5 miles every day (today, I just walked), but I always try to push myself so that the game I bring is my best.  Not because I am trying to put myself out there or to show up anyone else.  I have to give it my all – that is my goal and people will respect that.  If they don’t, then they are not worth having around anyway.  Don’t be embarrassed about your talents, and share that with the rest of us.  We become inspired when we see people do things we wish we could do.  I know I see it everyday and admire those, that despite fears and the unknown, have taken that leap and have brought their “A” game.  As the phrase goes, “BRING IT!”

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