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Today at work, I was kidding around with a co-worker and she told me that it was a good thing God gave me patience. My reply was, “God gave me lots of things, but it is my choice as to when I use them.” Then, I started thinking…Rocky tells me I get a funny grin on my face when I do that. Apparently the smile and brain work simultaneously. Or at least when I get into “my mode”. You and I both know you have many talents, even those we really do not want others to see or want to acknowledge. Regardless if those talents are used for good or bad, we choose when we use them. We choose to smile at strangers and wish them to “Have a Great Day” when we pass them along the trail at 5:30am. We choose to give a waiter a little extra in their tip because we overheard them talking about a new baby on the way. We choose to give away our talents, freely and unconditionally, because that is why God created us. My job includes service and I use the word serve when I talk to clients and their parents. I use it when I talk to co-workers or people who need a little direction to find what they are looking for. I serve my family, my friends, my church, and my community. I serve you, the readers of this blog that has now taken on a meaning that is so much more than a couple of random thoughts here and there. I choose to use this talent for you. I have to admit…I am always surprised when people tell me they read what I have to say. Not that I believe that it isn’t important or that they don’t get something from it. In no other way to explain it, I guess I have to say that it truly humbles me. God has a plan for each of us and we have to let him drive the bus, even if His destination is not where we think we need to go. If you do that, you might as well pack for a vacation…but you have no idea of what to bring because you do not know where you are headed. For years, I thought I had to have it all figured out. I needed to know the end destination before I got the ticket. Then, I could pack and prepare for where the ticket would take me. 20 months ago, I gave that up. Not because I had to, but because I was ready to receive it then. Are you ready to receive it? What has God given you that you don’t use? Why don’t you use it? Because it is easier not to? (How many of you picked that as your answer? – Be honest!) BE YOU! God created you with many talents and skills – you cannot serve the world or those closest to you when you hide them. What is the point of having the most beautiful flower bloom if no one ever sees it? I am grateful everyday for what God has given me and I sho

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w my appreciation when I use those gifts for people. That is how I serve Him.


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