Are you numb?

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Three in one day has to be a record. This thought came to me as I shared my passion with a co-worker today. I was reminded of what life can feel like when we are not really living — you become numb to the world. You remove yourself from feeling anything. I did that for so long. Yes, I admit it. I had “checked out” and was going through the motions. Are you numb? Have you checked out? Why? Maybe if you ask yourself that question, it is not an answer easily found. Maybe it was a combination of things and you lost hope. You were not ready to take the challenge before you, so you made it work. So many people I see are numb. The anesthesia that they self-administer is much easier to deal with than changing something to make it better. It is easy. They become accustomed to an empty existence that gets them from day-to-day with tasks that neither encourage growth nor budge them into action. Why would you want to continue to do that if you knew you didn’t have to? Here is the secret…come closer…yes, just a little bit closer…YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!! YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE!!! Eventually the insensitive becomes old and dies. Your heart is not meant to beat that way. You were born with feelings and a soul that should be open to what the world has in store for you. What are you SERIOUSLYwaiting for? I can write all day long until you get it. It will take you 15 minutes to get started on where you need to be. You know it and I know it. You choose…aren’t you tired of walking around with a dead sense to you? I am. And I am never going back to that again. Ever.

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