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Wow….I am not even so sure my hands can type as fast as my mind is going right now. If you could see me, I would be holding my hands up high above my head (like what you do on a rollercoaster) right now. Rocky and I do that all the time, regardless of where we are. So, if you see women talking and their hands are held high, chances are, it is us. A chance run in with great long-time friends today (JB & SB – love you guys!) literally has me reeling. Here is the funny part – just last night JB and SB were thinking of getting in touch with me about finding out more information about an organization at our boys’ school. Then, we start talking about the blog and the group that I am starting in September for women. And before I know it, I am “doing my thing” (that is what Rocky calls it). And at some point, with something that I said, I look over at JB – and he has tears. Maybe he doesn’t know if I notice, but, JB, I did. Oh my gosh….long story short is that I am not even hardly out of the parking lot and I have to call Rocky. HAVE to call. And I start to just ramble at about 400 miles an hour and then she tells me to slow down and start at the beginning. That is so hard to do!!! Anyway, I get her caught up. People have told me that I have impacted them, but sometimes I don’t always believe it. Not because I dismiss what I do or say, but this time it is so big that it brought someone to tears. And it was a guy, too!! Oh, my gosh again! I really do not remember what specifically what I was saying that made him feel that kind of emotion and bring it to the surface. Rocky has told me many times that something I said or did resonates with people, even if I don’t know it. Even if I never know it. But watching a simple tear drop make its trail down his beautiful face made it so simple. It became proof that my words triggered a connection that I will always remember. And one that he will always remember. Thanks, JB. Simple words I say are not always so simple when they cause a ripple to grow within you. When they stir up sparks that become ignited to be a fire that will not be extinguished. I cannot extinguish this flame. You never know when something you said will make a difference in someone else’s life. But, it can be so simple if we take the time to invest in each other. Don’t over think it…it is so simple.

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