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I was talking to a friend and co-worker the other day and found myself caught up in sharing a story that I feel like I have told a million times.  Watching how the story unfolded before my very eyes also has been played over in my head and holds fast in my memories.  But every time I share it, it reminds me to believe in there being a reason for it to have happened to begin with and I can never question why.  It surprised me again today as I spoke with another co-worker and can only equate this mission that I have before me as something that has become a part of my destiny and was planned just for me.  I believe that things happen for a reason, even though the reason may yet be unknown.  What do you believe about your life?  Not just the life that you still have left to live, but the life you have lived.  There are many times that I wonder why and everything that I thought I knew is dismissed by uncertainty, like traveling down a road that has yet to be paved.  If this happened to you, would you believe it?  Could you believe it?  What happens when you start to believe in something that you cannot see?  When you close your eyes and truly allow yourself to feel where you are?  Do you believe that you are here for a reason?  Someone that I see but once a year was stunned when I asked her what her joy is because she couldn’t answer that question.  She has bounced from job to job, enjoying each one, but knowing deep down that none of them fit just right.  I told her to believe in the answer that comes when it is the same one every time she asks the question.  As I chatted with this co-worker last week, I saw a tear sneak out of the corner of her eye and that said more to me than she will ever know.  I have shared conversations with others in the last week that are reminders of the life I am destined to live and am blessed to know that something that I said might have created a ripple effect somewhere “down stream”.  I believe this is my role, my responsibility and that this is something that I cannot refuse to do.  The affirmations that come from unexpected places and people confirm not just what I believe to be true…they are true.

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