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In order for something to be different, you have to change something and that means you have to break the cycle.  HAVE TO.  But, I understand that that is easier said than done.  It takes great courage to change the life you have lived for so long and yet you also know that you can no longer go on living the way you have for so long.  So, what do you do?  You still have a choice to make, albeit not an easy one.  You either stay where you are living the life you are now unhappy with or you search for something that could be better.  If you are here, maybe ANYTHING would be better but it would mean starting over.  Not completely, but things would definitely have to change.  Someone I have known for a while has been at her door for close to a year and a half now and she can find every excuse in the book to not take that last step to get her walking in a new direction.  So what does she do?  She stays where she is and then looks at me like, “What do I do next?”  I cannot do it for her, regardless of how much I want it for her.  She has to want it more than I do.  It should mean more to her than it does to me.  Is there a “cycle” in your life that needs to be broken?  Does it feel like you are trapped on a hamster wheel just spinning around and around and never getting anywhere and at the end of the day, you ask yourself — “How come I didn’t get anywhere today?” People should not be surprised by the ground they never cover when they never move their feet, yet they are.  It takes GREAT courage to realize that you are on that hamster wheel and want to get off.  It takes more MOXIE to actually get off.  It doesn’t mean changing everything completely, but it does mean that when you change a little bit here and there, then the changes look bigger when you look at them .  Are you ready to change?  Do you want to change?  I know it is hard as I struggle with my own battles of breaking the cycle – regardless of what it is.  But, to move forward, I must.  In order for you to move forward, you must.  You will and can get to the point when breaking the cycle is no longer a choice, but a decision made.

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