Someone is always watching

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People I don’t usually talk to or spend time with have confirmed they are watching me, but not in a creepy, stalker kind of way.  They are observant of what I am doing and I found out that they knew.  Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way — they told me.  I have mentioned before that everything we say and do can absolutely matter to others, even if we think it doesn’t.  Even if we think no one sees it.  I am pretty good at planting the seed and walking away — ask anyone.  Truthfully, I have walked away when I should have watched the seed grow, too.  Last night, I received one of the biggest hugs from an old friend and she shared with me how the quotes that I put on my FaceBook account have now been printed and are in place at her work on her “Quote Wall”.  She and her team use them to stay grounded, focus on what is important, and to always dream big.  All this time, I never knew that she took something that I did not recreate, but merely shared, and took it so that these quotes have their own space and purpose at her work.  I was dumbfounded, but secretly felt my heart grow warm as I began to understand that it still matters.  Do you go about your daily life, doing your thing, and then someone makes note of that and tells you that you have changed them in a way that they have done something different?  I am just being me and sometimes (ok a lot of times), I dismiss just what that means.  We learn from each other and that is what always connects us, whether we think it does or doesn’t.  Remember that no matter what you do or say today, you are always planting the seed in other people’s lives.  You may never know it.  And that is the best part of the fun.  There are many of us who have planted the seed, nurtured the seed with care and tenderness, made sure it had sunlight and water, and only once it began to actually sprout did we feel comfortable walking away because we knew it would be ok.  Our job was done.  But only for that seed.  There are many still out there, watching us, waiting for us to plant the seed.  Opportunities for you to inspire others comes from everywhere and because of that someone will always be watching.

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