What a rush!!!

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We all know what it feels like to have the adrenalin running through us when something exciting or terrifying is about to happen.  There are several things that are on my “bucket list” that will probably take me there.  But, if we really think about it we get two rushes — the one right before and the one right after.  I LOVE the one right after!  The first rush is the one of fear where we turn into the most calculated person we know, as we “talk” ourselves out of something that is right at our finger tips, but there is ONE more step to take.  Maybe the step is out of a place as we skydive from 30,000 feet.  (Kitty: yes, that’s on my list.) For others, it may be to go shopping because we never did. (Kitty #2: did that one — was nauseous for two days prior and tried to cancel many times, but did it).  It could be something more meaningful, like reaching out to someone that we have not talked to in awhile because the fear of being rejected prevents you from dialing that number.  The rush that keeps us from doing what we want is the rush of fear.  The unknown is a wave of uncertainty and can create more than what is actually there.  You know what I am talking about, don’t you?  Yes, we have ALL been there.  But what happens when we actually conquer that fear and let go?  If heights terrify us, but we decide to get on the “spaceshot” at an amusement park (maybe because of peer pressure or don’t want to look like a dweeb) and just pray that we live through this, then we come down so much better.  We have Rush #2.  The one of pure joy and happiness as the smile covers our face from ear to ear.  The rush can be when you hit a milestone or goal that you have worked hard to acheive.  It comes from accomplishment and success and feeling good about something you did, whether it be for yourself or someone else.  Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the smile on my face when I think about the rushes I have received recently.  Then, when it comes back to me as validation, then I just want to scream as loud as I can.  Have you felt the kind of rushes I am talking about?  Sometimes, we have to feel the fear so the rush can come back where the fear once lived.  We have to push ourselves to be more than we were in order to get those rushes.  They will come and they will go, just like the waves.  But, oh, when they come, ride the RUSH!  Hands up!

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