Someone that I used to know

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Someone that I used to know comes around from time to time and although I am surprised by her reentry in my life, I also look at her as a reminder of what my past used to look like.  For someone who used to walk away, I see now that she stays, even when it is hard.  For someone who wanted to hold on, she knows it is ok to let go.  Our past can haunt us or can remind us of who we once were and where we used to be.  I wrote something the other day that reminded someone else of her past and although I did not see it when I wrote it, I understand why she thought that.  That was her and although the retelling of a very similar story took her back, I think she also realized that she would never be in that place again.  Why? Because she is different now.  Do you ever find your past creeping into your present and you have to get a hold of what you want to get to where you need to be?  For someone who never thought it mattered, she realizes that it all can.  For someone who never put down the walls to get to a point to let others in.  For someone who thought planning it all out made it work, she now throws up her hands and yells, “Whee!” and loves the ride.  For someone who couldn’t understand her worth, maybe she now knows that she is worth it and deserves more.  For someone who couldn’t find the courage before now is compelled to take that chance and the adrenalin overcomes any fear.  For someone who felt a ton of regret now is focused on the task at hand, whether it comes with success or failure.  Have you ever met your previous self?  What would you say to her (or him)?  Have you looked back on your life and wonder how one little chance meeting, one little gesture, one little word changed your very course and how it literally changed your life forever?  I have and know exactly why every moment can make a difference.  Before I can be better for tomorrow, I am reminded of who I used to be, where I used to be, and how I used to think.  I changed it all.  Perhaps you recognize that stranger from your past as someone you used to know as well.  I know I do.

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