The Climb

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This came to me as I was headed west as I crossed the mountains of Colorado ( I only guess at it being Colorado based on the snow-covered terrain some 30,000 feet below) as I traveled to my home state of California to see family.  It reminded me of a song that I love called, “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus where she sings of the travels taken, not the destination.  Sometimes, I think we all forget about the journey itself and focus more on the last stop.  We take climbs every day — sure, some are more profound than others and more visible as well.  A co-worker was disappointed with the outcome of some recent decisions that affect her personally, and I didn’t want her to quit giving a voice to the other employees that didn’t have that chance. Removing herself from this opportunity to speak for others lets the others win.  I understand if she would decide to not attend these meetings anymore. Heck, we all would. But that tells me something too. We all have goals and places where we see ourselves. Who doesn’t? If you don’t, you are stagnant and stale. You are not progressing and moving forward. How many times have things come to us that require us to change our way of thinking, our daily tasks, and even maybe question our future because of struggles that are in front of us?  We find that going back down the hill is worse, so we continue on.  Even when we think we can’t….when we are unsure…especially when it is difficult.  There are going to be times when we stand before a mountain and we have three choices:

  • We can continue to stand there and do nothing.  We somehow have come to the conclusion that if we stand there long enough, eventually it will go away.  Last time I checked, Mt. Everest was still there.
  • We can try to find away around it, wasting valuable time and resources.  That may seem easier when that decision is made, but truly is the easy way out.  Plus, we can all say, “I walked around that mountain”, but no one marvels at that feat.
  • We can take the challenge that lay before us head on and start heading up that mountain.  It may seem pointless at times, and we may stumble a bit as we travel.

I personally pick the third choice.  That does not mean that inside I am terrified beyond belief and that I won’t want to give up from time to time. I am telling you right now that those things will be there.  They probably are there for you too.  I will not let the mountain prevent me from reaching my goal.  Where are you going?  Do you even know?  Do you have something in front of you that seems impossible to get over?  Maybe a goal that is too far out of reach?  Guess what?  All mountains seems big until you decide to move.  “She is not where she once was and is not quite where she needs to be, but she is headed in the right direction.” – Jodi Hill.   I love this quote and feel that I am headed in the right direction.  Someone told me once to “embrace the journey” and although it was scary at times and I felt like I was more in pandemonium that anything else, I had to learn to enjoy the climb…to forget everything I thought I knew about life and actually experience life instead. We all are afraid of the unknown roads that lay ahead of us as our feet travel unfamiliar territory. It is going to be excruciating at times and we will fall to our knees. Other times, we will bask in the sunlight as it colors our face with warmth and joy fills our hearts. The best part of reaching that peak and looking where we have yet to venture, but also remember to take a look over your shoulder as your eyes travel in another direction.  As I peer down the mountain that I now rule, I will remember the experiences I met along the way and will always be grateful for the road I traveled.  But truly, the greatest achievement to reaching the peak of anything is always the climb.

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