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Before the end of the year, I met a friend for lunch and she mentioned how much she loves the word, “manifest” and I wondered why and now I know.  In this world, there is ambiguity and secrets.  Yet, manifest means “to prove without question” and I want you to think about this for a minute.  What can you prove without question?  There is always something.  People are fake with one another all the time.  I am never fake.  Guarded, but never fake.  I have a co-worker who loves misery so much that she wouldn’t buy what she is trying to sell when she tells people. “I am having a GREAT day!”  When others tell me that they are having a great day, I believe them.  I can feel it, even if it is in a text.  If something has manifested itself to you, then it is obvious.  But, what you do with it is what makes it special.  Recently, I have received many surprises that confirm that my message is not going unnoticed.  As new doors open and opportunities present themselves, as much as I want to shake my head and wonder if it is real, I smile to myself with where I am and where my responsibility lies in this world.  What can you prove without question?  Sometimes, it is not something that we directly prove to someone else that matters most — it is what we prove to ourselves.  Maybe it is when we are exhausted, but we go and exercise anyway.  Perhaps, it is when we have so much on our plate that we think we cannot handle one more thing, but somehow we balance everything.  One of the things that I have proved to myself, over and over through the years is that I am stronger than I think I am.  As much as I want to give up and cave, I don’t.  I dig deep and just get through the doubt and hesitation.  I find the courage to do what others tell me I can’t.  I stay when I want to run.  I want to prove to this world that although at times, it may have broken my heart, trampled me when I was already down, or even simple left me by the side of the road, that I made this life my own.  Going against the grain and seeking no accolades for myself is where I gather more courage and determination than ever.  It ignites me!  How will you manifest your today?  What can you begin today that will take you where you want to go?  What are you willing to do to get there?  Talk is cheap.  Action is where things happen.  So, let us all see what you are capable of manifesting today!!!

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