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It is so sad when I see this…something that can be so much more than what I currently have in front of me. Like an empty gumball machine. I know…just hear me out. It sounds silly…I get that. For the last three months (at least), I have tried to get a red gumball machine to Rock’s store. I have seen it every week for those last three months in the same position it was in all of the weeks previous. It sits there, collecting dust, never to be touched, not being useful. Now, the owner of said gumball machine does not work at the place that it is currently stored and was a gift from his ex-wife. The two people who I have expressed my interest in this gumball machine to have indicated that they would like it to leave their premises as much as I would. However, the owner told a gentleman inquiring on my behalf that he was going to fill it with gumballs. Could not tell you the last time I saw this gumball machine with gumballs in it, and I have been present every week for about the last three years. It seems like such a waste…waste of space, waste of purpose. I mean, doesn’t every thing, even a gumball machine deserve to be used for the reason it was created to begin with? I mean, come on, man! Moral to this story…do we have a purpose we are not tapped into? When we are used for purpose…whether it is inspiring someone to change their life to finding a perfect jacket to go with a dress, it makes us believe and validate what we do. Is there a purpose or promise you are not serving? It is serving no one, not even you. Don’t be like the gumball machine — collecting dust, thinking no one wants or needs you, and not doing what you are meant to do. Find your purpose. Or it will find you.

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