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Who hasn’t played a game when they were younger when this is how you started every race? Yesterday, I was told that my advice is good but that it takes action to make things different. I agreed with that statement. If we are satisfied enough (about anything – government, our job pay, our marriage), then we will continue to look around any imperfections because it does not mean enough to change anything. That is the status quo. No ruffling feather, no tipped apple carts, etc. However, when you get to that point (and that point is different for everyone), where you are no longer able to ignore the things that make us unhappy (a marriage, bad working conditions, etc), then that is where you make changes. Sometimes those changes are difficult ones where people might get hurt. Maybe there is a lot of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. We all have that. But if you are at that point, when you know you cannot go back or stay still, then moving forward is your ONLY choice, even with the unknown in front of you. We don’t have all of the answers, and do not think I do. I don’t. But if with every decision we made, thinking with everything we have in our gut – right at that moment – that it was the right one. So we make it. Maybe we have regrets about it later, but maybe we forgive ourselves about it because we have to in order to move on. Don’t get land-locked and feeling like there is no way out. There is a way out, but it may mean it will not be easy. Nothing is ever just given to you…you have to earn it and that is why achieving any goal is so much sweeter when it was something you can look back and say, “I deserve that.” So, people of planet Earth – I implore you to do something different today…expand your horizons…reach for something you think is just out of reachON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!!!

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