All of our eggs in one basket

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Who hasn’t done that before? Put all we have, all we believe into one thing, only to have the rug pulled out from under you and then you wind up with yoke on your face? Feeling kind of foolish, hoping no one saw and will bring it up later? Yeah…been there done that. I think this is why I hold back and don’t let others see all of me and have done that for most of my life. It is easier not to commit, not to give more than you have to, and to hide. Who doesn’t like easy? But, what if you give all you have and it turns out exactly like you thought it would? Maybe even just a little better? Sometimes, crazy better? So if we don’t fully give it our all, then chances are we will not get our all returned to us. On the other hand, the less we risk, the less we could lose. The chance of losing it all does not always make that decision an easy one. What if we reverse that thinking to be having it all? Would you chance it all if there was a guarantee that things would come out at least as you expect them to? Of course we would!!! But what do we do in the meantime? It a choice we make and it is not always an easy choice. Dilemmas are never an easy decision but they come our way from time to time. What do we do next? What do we use to decide? We use our faith, our heart, our love of life. But, sometimes that is still not enough and we still end up with all of our eggs from our basket spilling and we clean up the yolk and shells off our face. Until the next time…

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