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This word is mentioned in one of my favorite songs and I first heard it when I attended “Wicked” over the summer. I shared it with Rock and she loves it too. How many times do we let self-imposed or outer influences decide for us where our limits should be? Why? Reality is sometimes cruel and unwanted, but if we allow the trials of day-to-day to bring us down, then we suffer with the binds around us. My son had knee surgery and was walking within a day or two. I never thought I would see him do that so quickly after his operation. They say they want him to be able to run by January. That almost seems impossible to me. But I have those thoughts because of limits I think that exist. However, him being able to carry on as if nothing happened means his life still has no limits. Are you living your life with no limits? Do you believe that it should have no limits? You are unlimited and can do anything. Even those things you never in your wildest dreams thought you would do. I am proof of that. We choose limits because of what we think it will look like and what it means to others becomes what we listen to first. How many people in history were the “firsts” at something great? I could list several here but you get the idea. Someone has to be first and it begins with having no limits. Believing in yourself above all others is key. Your thoughts, actions, and feelings are unlimited. Share them with us. We love to see people shine and BLOOM. Happy Monday!

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