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For a graduation gift, I gave someone a book that inspires her to “Live Happy” because I know she might have chosen to forget that after someone she cared about was taken from her life. I get it. But living happy does not come easy, especially when we are stuck and not feeling like we have anything to be happy about. Why do we look for happiness to come to us or be somewhere outside of us? Why do we think mere objects and certain events will make us happy? I have heard that there are studies that have shown that the richest people in the world just own items and have money. But they are not happy. All it does is show people you have money and want to show people you have money. So what? People would much rather see people who have heart. I told Rocky that words that were said to me over the last couple of weeks would no longer have the effect that they were intended. Those words made me question and doubt. But it is hard when someone says something that hurts you. Sometimes, it hurts more when words aren’t said to fix what was hurtful. So, even without an apology said and forgiveness given, I had to choose to let it go and move on. I chose happiness over staying stuck. Happiness is the attitude we pick and is so easy. People forget that it always resides within. It is still a choice. When we explode at something that upsets us, we choose that. When we relish the time we spend with family, we choose that, too. Through this journey, I have seen so many choices that have come my way that I never saw before. Remember, you do not have to look for happiness, but you do have to choose it.

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