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I was recently given a book to read, but do not really have time to read it. But. I took some time today on our drive back home for the holiday weekend and was intrigued by the message as well as the title. I kept coming across sentences or ideas that I had to email myself so when I got home, I would remember it. Do we let our world rule us or do we rule our world? More often, we allow our world to rule us. Why? Because it is easier. Because we are conditioned to not cause waves. Because it is what is expected. But what if we did the unexpected? What if we decided that we were going to take control of our lives and decide to CHOOSE to live differently? Rule should not be taken in a way as to dominate or have power over anyone else. I mean rule as in to take control and actively decide how to live your life. Our world is not what you think it is either. We only are a small portion in this large world and we can only control our attitude and effort we put forth into it. This book also talks about how perception can make us look at our lives in certain ways — if we let our environment dictate what happens next, then we feel like we have lost control. However, if we engage in the process of what exists in our life, then we feel powerful. This happens when we rule our world. Confidence is restored in an unsure and confusing place where we are currently residing. I know I have let my world rule me, and even let certain people take control when they should not have. If we allow this to happen, then we become victims. Victims are unable to do anything. They succumb to the whatever comes their way and just accept it, good, bad, and everything in between. That is why I don’t like the phrase, “It is what it is.” We all get down sometimes and have people who hurt us. We have situations that happen that we don’t want to happen. But they do. What we do with those people who bring us down, how our attitude affects what we do next, can change everything. So, as you decide how to take on your day…choose to rule your world.

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